Bank Aljazira
Administration Buildings

Bank_AlJazeeraLocation: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Bank ALJazira is recognized as one of the leading Islamic fast growing financial institutions in Saudi Arabia principally serving affluent individuals and successful national corporations in the region. Bank ALJazira was established in June of 1975 and began a restructuring process in 1992. A new management team was appointed in 1993 to continue the restructuring effort, and successfully introduced state of art technology, modern banking products and services and revamped its staffing portfolio. As a result the bank became profitable in 1995 and it steadily increased the return of investment since then. Moving into the Shari'ah-compliant banking was a preliminary point for Bank ALJazira and it led to the outstanding growths in the past five years. Bank ALJazira has achieved progressive growth, which was mainly due to its continuing efforts to improve.
Bank ALJazira is becoming a premier bank in Saudi Arabia that provides high-net-worth individuals and large institutions with innovative banking solutions that are compliant with the Islamic Shari'ah in an exclusive ambiance.


Scope of work


Construction Development Center was selected to provide Conceptual Design services.




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