Insurance Holding Company New Cairo
Insurance Holding Company New Cairo

IHC_New_CairoLocation: New Cairo, Egypt


Misr Insurance corporate campus mirrors the company’s philosophy: It's open, mobile, connected, dimensionally aware, and personally sustaining. A dense and dynamic environment. Appearing as a work-in-progress, with plywood ceilings, concrete floors and shop lighting, the headquarters meets a key goal of communicating vibrant ,iterative and energetic culture. Supporting a critical mix of collaboration and focused work, employees are given a wide variety of spaces in which to work individually or in groups. 


Scope of work


Achieving a healthy productive workplace is contingent upon that which we can control through the built environment. The spaces we design effect and regulate people's psychology and behavior. IHC 's newly constructed corporate offices will bring together 3 companies in a building in New Cairo, Egypt. These three companies operate both independently as well as in a handoff process, meaning they all fulfill an aspect of the assets management and development industry. In our design, the challenge was to balance that independence with a sense of integration, and allow for collaboration to take place.




  • Preparation and Brief
  • Concept Design
  • Design Development
  • Technical Design
  • Construction Documents
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