IEC Data Entry Center
IEC Data Entry Center

Location: Kabul, Afghanistan

Cost: $ 10,000.000


IEC in close cooperation with UNDP/ELECT Project planned to build Data Entry Centre (DEC) on the IEC Compound, Jalalabad Road, Kabul. The total capacity of DEC is 500 data entry clerks.

IEC plans was to register 16 million voters that could be reached at least 18 years old on the scheduled date of elections in 2009 and 2010.

On April 9th 2008, The Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) announced that Presidential and Provincial elections will be held in the fall of 2009 and Wolesi Jirga and District Council elections held in the summer 2010.

Facilities Provided by UNDP:

There is K-Spain Metal Warehouse that was utilized as DEC. The total size of existing K-Spain WH is 90 x 20 m. This Warehouse is used as DEC for period of 9 month starting from September 1st, 2008.

This building connected to electrical ground line. There is septic/sewage system at the IEC compound close to DEC.

There are must be main DEC space and offices as follows.


Administration office;

Server room

ICT/Utility room

Toilets (separate for male and female)

Refreshment area

Data Entry Zones- 500 data entry clerks

Intake/registration area, this area will be in other co-located K-Spain Warehouse


Scope of work


This Scope of Work required shall fall under a maximum of three (3) phases:

Phase t - Assessment & Design Stage

Phase II - Procurement Stage

Phase III- Implementation Stage





¬∑    Conceptual Design

¬∑    Working Drawings

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